About Me

My Coaching Style

I have a down to earth coaching style, kind and non-judgemental. I have a wealth of coaching experience and am well qualified, so you are in good hands. As my clients will confirm when you change your mindset you really can change your life and you will find massive benefits in your health and your happiness. And now I’ll tell you a bit about myself which might help you when choosing a good coach. I am a certified Life Coach with over ten year experience . I have degrees in Education and Psychology as well as being a qualified nurse and a trained counsellor. I have Diplomas in Complementary Therapy, Health and Social Care. Also qualified in Reflexology, Life Style Management, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Past Experience

I have experience working with the more senior members of our society and many young people. The oldest lady I coached was 92 years old and she managed to make many positive changes in her life…an inspiration for us all. In my early career, I ran a successful catering business for over ten years with a Wine Bar, Restaurant and two Pizza Outlets. This experience has given me good insight into the trials and tribulations of managing teams and being self-employed.

I then returned to a career in nursing, social care and health & wellbeing working in local government, the NHS and various charities. My movement into life coaching was prompted by what I witnessed daily in the hospital wards and in my work as a voluntary counsellor. It was apparent to me that this system which worked on the basis of separating the mind and body was disempowering people. While modern medicine has its place and is effective for treating trauma and emergencies, for so many people treating their bodies and ignoring their mindset left them feeling lost and trapped within a world of chronic pain and stress.

Without supporting people with the changes in lifestyle and mindset, often the root cause of their problems was never addressed. I began to look into the philosophy of Eastern medicine and the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. There was an increasing body of evidence which pointed towards a more holistic approach and this bore out by what I was witnessing around me. My interest in neuroscience, energy work, quantum physics, epigenetics, and complementary and talking therapy helped me confirm the value of life coaching.

Passion for Change

I really believe that life coaching is a gift you give yourself. It will make you strong and resilient and take you on a voyage of tremendous self-discovery. This is what makes me so passionate about helping others make positive changes in their lives. If you are prepared to put in the work, life coaching really can help you too, bringing calmness and clarity to your life and helping you reach goals that up until now you only dreamt about.


The relationship between the coaching client and the coach is fully confidential. I will treat all the information which you share with me as completely private. Being fully compliant with the Data Protection Act I will never share information unless legally bound to do so. (In such cases of harm to yourself or others). I fully recognise that I am in a position of trust to have such access to your personal life details, and I will honour this. In the past, I have worked with some high-profile clients and always acknowledged their and every person’s anonymity.

I do ask the clients for permission to write handwritten notes, this is a form of “aid memoir” and aids the coaching process. However, these notes are your notes. Therefore after the coaching journey has been completed the notes are handed back to you the client, or are destroyed. To provide my clients with extra security when working in their home or office setting I do have a fully up-to-date DBS check to show that I have the highest police clearance. A copy of this can be seen on request.