Life Coaching via Zoom/Skype

Why Video-Coaching?

Are you someone who has thought about Life Coaching but you are concerned about the lack of flexibility and the time commitment that the usual face-to-face life coaching requires?

Video-Coaching could be the Answer

You can ‘meet’ me via a video link and within a couple of minutes it will be like we were sitting in the same room. Video-Coaching via Zoom can provide a safe and confidential space for your coaching journey with me - without the stress and time spent travelling across town to an office for the usual face-to-face coaching.

So what are the Advantages of Video-Coaching?

Time: Less time restrictive than the usual sessions as it eliminates the time and stress spent travelling to meet up. And with a backdrop of concerns about reducing person-to-person contact and unnecessary carbon footprint, it has many other advantages.

Convenience: there are excellent mobile apps these days for all devices – this means that you can still have your sessions wherever you are. This is particularly useful if you are someone who travels or has to stay away from home a lot.

Flexibility: The flexibility that this type of coaching provides also enables me, as your coach, to more readily available. For example, if you have had a particularly bad day at work or need an interim “top-up” session, there is a greater chance I will be able to provide you with this at short notice.

Location: You are no longer restricted to finding a Life Coach on your doorstep. I can work with you from anywhere in the world. This may be particularly helpful if you are living in a geographically isolated area. Your first introductory session is free and there is no lengthy complicated contracts, you can start and finish your coaching as you wish.

Comfort: meet in the comfort of your own home. Many of my clients feel more relaxed and happy being coached at home. Get yourself a cuppa and note pad and paper and we can start.